This era may well go down in history as one of the most challenging times to be a motorcycle manufacturer. Why? Because many are finding their core customer demographic is reaching its sell-by date.

Manufacturers are now faced with starting from scratch to attract the Millennial generation of consumers who, for the first time, are resistant to the charms of life on two wheels.

The real reason for this two-wheel reluctance is mainly due to one simple consideration; safety. Once upon a time, motorcycling had the kudos of being edgy and cool, whereas now, the perception is that it’s dangerous.

Motorcycle Industry

In real terms, accident statistics have decreased with studies revealing that 2017 fatalities are down 5.6% in comparison to the previous year. However, instead of pushing this message home, the industry continues to spend millions of dollars on advertising promoting the out-dated ‘two-wheeled adventure’ mantra.

The perception of motorcycling being inherently dangerous remains unchallenged, and while this persists, there is no urgency to increase onboard safety measures above and beyond traditional anti-lock brakes.

However, revolution is the air, and the time has come for a radical break from tradition. As the big players continue to drag their heels, dynamic independents are filling the void, hell-bent on jamming a sonic screwdriver into the legacy gearbox.

Radical and Revolutionary

Here at Damon, we are embracing words like ‘radical‘, and throwing our arms around the term ‘revolutionary‘.

As a disruptive tech start-up based in Vancouver, like many forward facing innovators, we saw the gap left by the industry’s resistance to change and hurled ourselves towards it head first.

Motorcycle Industry

So what exactly is Damon doing? If we consider just one element of our strategy, the 360-degree protection system, the answer is a lot!

This contiguous radar system protects the rider from all angles, and its potential is vast. Not only can it be installed as an OEM option to the annual 160 million new bike buyers, but can also be offered for retrofit to fleet customers such as police departments, emergency services and postal delivery fleets.

You may be thinking how is this a big deal? Cars have had variations of this type of system for a while, and surely the push for fully autonomous vehicles will mean bikes won’t need their own radar?

Wrong! Bikers the world over are being seriously injured and killed right now due to the lack of a motorcycle specific safety system.

The fact is, motorcycles operate in a completely different space and dynamic to any other vehicle on the road. A bike’s high maneuverability, angle of lean and constant lane re-positioning differs entirely from that of a car and therefore requires a system specifically designed to handle it.

A motorcycle also occupies approximately one-third of a family saloon, meaning they are more difficult to see.

Motorcyclists are affected by adverse weather conditions, mirrors can blur from vibration, and crash helmets limit peripheral vision.

Detecting Hazards

The Damon system incorporates three different means of detecting potential threats and actual incursion into the rider’s space. Using forward-facing radar and camera, sensors that cover the rider’s blind-spots and a rear-facing camera, a circumferential safety zone is generated.

Motorcycle Industry

When a hazard is detected riders are alerted via LED’s, vibrating handlebar grips, and a streamed live-view from the rear-facing camera of the road behind.

The bike mounted sensors and warning indicators are just the tip of an innovative iceberg.

Every time the rider of a Damonized bike senses a potential problem and reacts; on-board software captures the data and sends it to the Damon cloud via 5G.

Motorcycle Industry

The information is then aggregated and processed so that our sophisticated AI engine can continually learn and create new algorithms. Eventually, updates will bounce back to the bike’s onboard processor.

These updates will result in a faster more sophisticated system alerting the rider to potential hazards in a seamless, self-learning triangulated integration.

A Damonized World

Imagine for a moment the amount of hazard data generated from every single Damonized bike in the world and you begin to appreciate the scale of this incredible system.

Although a comparatively new start-up, our team of innovative, heavy hitters approached this incredibly complicated subject with the simplicity of a blank page.

By not bowing to convention and without preconceived ideas or an agenda, Damon looked at an age-old problem with new eyes. Along the way, we sought advice, feedback, and real-world concerns from the very people so often overlooked in this type of equation; the riders.

Elephant In The Room

The result is a ground-breaking, life-saving safety system which also addresses the elephant in the room. Namely, that electronic rider aids will somehow de-sensitize the riding experience.

Far from creating an additional layer between the bike and rider, our cutting edge innovative safety measures place a non invasive, user-friendly warning system quite literally at the rider’s fingertips.

The motorcycle industry has undoubtedly found itself becalmed on a sea of innovative apathy. Damon, however, has not only created a 360-degree protective radar system that will revolutionize motorcycle safety but also made it technologically irresistible to both iGen’s and Millennials alike.

Investment Opportunity Potential

The perception by Millennials that motorcycling is dangerous and the resulting drop in motorcycle sales should have been a wake-up call to the motorcycle industry. By the time these unwieldy, change-resistant leviathans decide to address these issues, we will have established ourselves as a leader in the field of motorcycle safety.

The Damon 360-degree protection system will revolutionize motorcycle safety, this is an indisputable fact. Moreover, with a global market to tap into, the potential scale for our product is staggering.

Not only will we offer a groundbreaking, life-saving product to the 160 million annual new buyers, but we can also provide it as a retrofit installation to existing riders currently at risk. This is just the tip of the iceberg.

Motorcycle Industry

Damon is already quoting several national companies regarding retrofitting their motorcycle fleets and negotiations are underway with major Powersports OEM’s eager to modernize their product line-up.

We firmly believe now is the time to invest. We’re at the venture’s inflection point and have a thoroughly conceived, rapidly scalable business model.

The new Reg. Pathway created by the Jobs Act has made the public stock offering a viable means for market entry tech ventures, such as Damon, to finance future growth. This pathway also allows the general public to participate as early-stage investors.

We will use the proceeds of the IPO to migrate to a scalable subscription model with our OEM partners and deliver vehicles to our early Telco partners by 2021. We’ll also accelerate testing, sales, and marketing to prepare for worldwide growth.

We are not a company limited in our potential by the shackles of a legacy mindset. Damon are fast-paced technological innovators with Cloud-led goals firmly grounded in real-world foundations. Simply put, we are the future of motorcycle safety and the time to come on-board is now.

Watch this space; this could just be the perfect storm needed to blow the motorcycle industry out of decline.

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